Welcome to Zanzou!

  • memorize hiragana and katakana using flashcards
  • three difficulty levels
  • three types of exercises
    • kana to roumaji
    • roumaji to kana
    • voice to kana
  • customize your kana practice set
  • flashcard frequency based on correct answers
  • free

Zanzou is a place to practice your kana memory. Its goal is to help people that already started learning kana and need a place to sharpen or refresh their kana knowledge. Additionally, complete beginners can find it useful as well, given that they already understand how diacritics are used and how digraphs are created.

Zanzou keeps track of practiced kana symbols and repeats the ones that were not recognized more frequently and it can also increse the difficulty of exercises by providing symbols similar to the correct answer together with it.

For learning kanji or kana stroke order (hiragana/katakana), one should look for other resources.